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My collection of interesting articles and information that I have collected.  Many deal with our out of control governments who desire to control almost every aspect of our lives.  It was the Central Planners, who arrogantly think that they know best, and who created the housing bubble and as part of their solution, destroyed the appraisal industry by using regulation to hand it over to the most powerful corporations in the industry.

Anyone who does not believe that massive government is big corporations’ best friend is a fool.  The individual is rapidly becoming inconsequential in our society and our natural rights are being trampled.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Stuff

    • We have been creeping towards a statist government for years and I am afraid we are near the tipping point. The politically connected gets regulations passed that gives them great benefit (see HVCC) at the expense of the market place. Thereby creating a huge special interest with money to support the statist politicians. With every year of decreasing opportunities for the middle class, more and more become dependent and are therefore forced to rely on the ever growing government. It is a vicious cycle that won’t end well at this pace.

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